GeoTriangle is also the Canadian sales representative for Willowstick Technologies, LLC (geophysical consultant, US) services.

“Mapping and Modeling of Groundwater Seepage and Flow Paths”

Willowstick Technologies, based in Draper, UT, US, was founded in 2004. Willowstick specializes in the identification and characterization of groundwater flow paths and patterns in two and three dimensions. They provide quick and non-intrusive techniques that identify the exact location and depth of groundwater flow paths. Over the past few years, Willowstick has taken significant steps forward in terms of refining its instruments used to collect and map a wide variety of groundwater reading and the software algorithms and filtering capability necessary to see groundwater activity with much greater acuity than ever before. The order of magnitude increases in computing power have made it possible for them to recognize and amplify very faint signals at greater depths than previously possible. Furthermore, the breadth of Willowstick technology applicability has expanded from tracking water leaks in dams to oil and gas applications, from there to addressing mining and refining water problems, and finally to a variety of environmental applications that presuppose the ability to track contaminant transport through water bearing zones. In 15 years, the Willowstick method has been successful in over 300 projects around the world.

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